Torquing with a Crowsfoot Wrench

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The service manual says to torque using a crows foot to 65 foot pounds. Though I didn't read it, I know my torque wrenches came with a note about torquing with a crows foot.  I think it said something about having to calculate a different number. Is the number provided by AMG adequate, or is there a conversion needed?

Here's one converter

Here's another converter.

Just turn the crows foot 90 deg from the handle of the torque wrench to negate the offset/ gained leverage.

The amount that the torque must be adjusted to compensate for using a crow's foot depend upon the torque wrench and the crow's foot. Since AMG cannot know what tools will be used, the number cannot compensate for it.

The torque number given is the actual torque for the fastener, not the setting on a torque wrench with (or without) a crow's foot.

The easiest solution is to use the crow's foot at a right angle (90 degrees) to the shaft of the torque wrench.  With this configuration, the difference in torque is truly insignificant and can be safely ignored.

If you have torqued the nut to the correct setting without using a crow's foot, it is just fine. Don't change it.