Cepek - G.T. Hummer H1 CTIS Wheel Parts

Updated on May 19, 2015

All Cepek CTI setups use a quick disconnect which isolates each wheel keeping the air from escaping when removing a wheel from the truck. Since our disconnects completely come apart you can remove a wheel from the truck without having to remove the hub fitting. This will save you lots of time when you rotate or service your tires.

Closeup of CTI Line Details
Round cti connector

Please note. Our cti connectors come 2 ways. One has a round top and is a little longer than the 2nd option which is the hex style. If you are ordering a connector to replace one and it has to match let us know.

Factory cti

Stainless CTI Line assembly for Factory 16.5" Steel Wheels

These lines are a direct replacement for the 16.5" factory lines on the Hummer one piece and two piece steel wheels. These are Stainless Steel Braided lines with a 1/4 npt thread that goes into the factory style wheel fitting number 174401.

16.5" Factory 2 piece wheel
16.5" Factory 1 piece wheel
167.00 each
CTI Line Details

Cepek cti line

Stainless CTI Line assembly for Cepek Aluminum Wheels

Stainless Steel Braided line complete with the quick release male check valve. Order these lines with 1 of 2 possible end fittings depending on which fitting you have installed in your wheels. Newer Cepek wheels usually have the Special Air Valve (#4 or 1/4" JIC) Wheel fitting. Factory wheels usually have 1/4 npt Flat - Blade fittings. The fittings are pictured below. Before ordering check with us.

16.5" GT - Cepek wheel - 167.00 each
17" GT - Cepek wheel - 167.00 each
18" GT - Cepek wheel - 181.00 each

Factory 1 piece Cti

Stainless CTI Line assembly for Factory 1 Piece and 2 piece Hidden CTI Aluminum Wheels

This assembly has 1 Stainless Steel Braided line Including special fitting for the 1/4" NPT hole in the factory wheel and the quick release check valve. This line set is a direct replacement for the 17" factory lines on the Hummer one piece and two piece factory aluminum wheels.This is basically 1/4 th of our complete kit for a factory 1 or 2 piece aluminum wheel.
You may have to modify your wheel cover to fit.

16.5" Factory aluminum wheel
17" Factory aluminum one piece wheel
17" Factory aluminum 2 piece wheel

191.00 each

Hidden line set

HIDDEN CTI Stainless Quick Release Line assembly

Stainless Steel Braided line includes Stainless Male/Male 1/4 NPT CTI line attachment fitting.

16.5" GT - Cepek wheel
17" GT - Cepek wheel
18' GT - Cepek wheel

190.00 each

CTI Line Details

Braided Steel Line

Stainless custom braided CTI Line

Custom made Stainless Steel Braided line with the end fittings of your choice. The line pictured is just an example. Before ordering check with us.

16" to 17" - approx 96.00 each
18" - approx 110.00 each
Custom lengths - call or email for quote

Air Stem for CTI

Quick Release Male Check valve

The male side of the Quick Release Coupler. Used on all GT - CTI kits. Screws into your truck's hub with a 14mm deep socket.

45.00 each

Air Stem for CTI

Female Disconnect - (Quick Release Coupler)

Quick Release Coupler. Used on all GT - CTI kits. Pushes onto the Male Shut off valve.

76.00 each

Hub guard kit

Polished Guard Plate Hub Protector Kit

4 - CTI Guard Plate Spacers
4 - CTI Bolts for Guard Plates
2 - CTI Polished Guard Plates
Note: The bolts and spacers are custom. The bolts use a 1/4" hex key to tighten.

Guard kit for ONE wheel is 75.00
Guard kit for 18" wheel is 95.00 (wheels are thicker at the center and need longer bolts and spacers).

Hidden CTI Cap

Billet Aluminum Center Cap for GT - Hidden CTI Kit


Hidden CTI Centercap Parts Kit

2 - Allen Head center cap attach screws
2 - Reducer Plugs for center cap
1 - Delron Square O-Ring for Center Cap

52.00 for ONE centercap

Large Diameter JIC Rim Wheel fitting

This is the standard fitting used on CTI supplied with new Cepek wheels. This fitting adapts any wheel that uses a standard style air valve (1/2" hole with a 3/4" counterbore) such as the GT - Cepek Aluminum 16.5" and 17" wheels to the Cepek 45 degree bent tube quick release air line connection with the #4 - 1/4" JIC connector.

45.00 ea.

Installation Instructions pdf

Here's what it looks like

Factory Style Rim CTI Flat - Blade Wheel Fitting

The same as the factory fitting except is stainless steel. Replaces the steel fittings on Hummer Factory 16.5" 2 piece steel wheels and Factory 1 piece steel wheels. 1/4" npt female. The hex size is 3/4"

Includes 1/2 x 20 Nyloc Nut and O-Ring 45.00 ea.

CTI Line adapter

CTI Line Adapter

This custom machined adapter screws into a standard tire valve on one side and to a #4 or 1/4" JIC CTI line on the other side. This fitting adds 1/4" to the overall length.

This will allow you to attach a GT - Cepek CTI line set to any aftermarket wheel. Note: Don't forget to remove the valve core.

43.00 ea.

Small Diameter JIC Rim Wheel fitting

This fitting adapts any wheel that has a small size air valve (.3775" hole) such as the 24 bolt 16.5" military wheel and and various other custom non hummer wheels to use the Cepek CTI kits and lines that have the 45 degree bent tube quick release air line connection with the #4 -1/4" JIC ends. The picture shows the standard rim fitting next to the small fitting.

Includes nut and washer - 45.00 ea.

Air Valve

Air Valve (stem)

Screws into the Female Disconnect quick release coupler

12.00 ea.

Air Valve

Air Valve Inflator Assembly

Attaches to the Cepek JIC rim fitting and provides an air filler in the absence of a cti line. This is perfect for your spare.

65.00 ea.

Special Air valve fitting

Low Profile Metal Valve Stem

This steel air stem fits in the rim hole where a cti air fitting would go on all our wheels. If you are configuring a wheel without cti for a spare or have our hidden Line kit.this is for you. - 10.00 each

Installation Note:

Custom Configurations

We can make up CTI line sets for just about any wheel that has been used on a Hummer. Email us with your requirements.