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Hummer Paint Codes

How to Paint Your Truck
© Copyright 2004 Chuck Kopelson 03/12/2002
Updated 07/12/2005

AMG Code
PPG Code
NCP Code
Grey Interior Duplicolor VS 8 Medium Gray Vinyl paint is an exact match
383 Green Carc 1992 - 1997 G5 N1433A  
Black Diammond   B30 DUHS-36241 DUHS-36241
Black Gloss 1993 B9   DCC9000
Black Gloss 2004 B25   DUHS-9000
Black Metallic   B34   DUHS-9935
Black Semi Gloss 1992 - 1993 B5 N5476A  
Black S/G, Accent   B2 N5241A  
Blue Gloss 1992 - 1995 L12   DCC4251
Blue Metallic 1996 - 1996 L16   DCC19793
Bright White 1995 W14   DCC4185
Bright White 2004 W26   DUHS-91493
Burgundy Metallic 1996 - 1997 P17   DCC52164
Candy Apple Red 1998 R19   DFHS71698
Competition Yellow 1998 Y20   DFHS4266
Competition Yellow 2004 Y27   DUHS-4266
Firehouse Red   R28   DUHS-4217
Fly Yellow 1997 Y18   DAR82741
Green Gloss 1993 - 1998 G10   DCC4215
Mesa Dusk 1999 C22    
Metallic Pewter   P33   DUHS-5377
Metallic Sand   T32   DuHS-904231
Night Storm Charcoal 1999 B21    
Ocean Blue   L24   DUHS-15650
Plum Gloss 1993 - 1995 P13   DCC4465
Red Gloss 1992 - 1997 R7   DCC4679
Red Semi Gloss 1992 - 1993 R1 N5382A  
Silver Metallic   S15   DCC4494
Summit Silver 1995 S31   DUHS-35911
Tan Gloss 1993 - 1997 T11 N5613A  
Tan Semi Gloss 1992 - 1993 T4 N5033A  
White Gloss 1993 W8 N5611A  
White Semi Gloss 1992 W1 N5474A  
Woodland Green 2000 G23   DUHS-4976

The years listed are just a guide. Ones with no end could be still in use.


Most Professional painters custom match colors. The paint stores have equipment to optically read a color and custom formulate the paint. This is done because paint changes color over time due to exposure to the elements. Painting with a stock color will often cause a color mismatch.

AMG paint code cross reference. PPG has a help line, 1-800-245-2590 or 440-572-6100, ask for the "Color Library"

Most AMG colors are GM.

Just had mine PPG painted with the 1996 original silver color. The warranty slip indicates: Northern Indiana Paint 574-674-5911

surface clean DX 330
metal prep DPX 171

primer K 36
catalyst/hardener K 201

primer surfacer NCS 2004
activator/hardener NCX 2200

color DBC
reducer/activator DT 895

clearcoat D 894
reducer/activator DT 895
Hardener D 887

I bought my 383 green, brown and black CARC replacement paint from RAPCO.
They also sell pre packed Aerosol cans for small jobs like yours.


But Army Jeep Parts sells the Gillespie coatings paint too.

I've used Niles Chemical Paint Company in Niles Michigan for my military paint in the past. They were an original source when my truck was produced.

You may buy Zenthane or Zenthane Plus (depending on whether you want the original 2 part or the new 1 part air catalyzed) from Hentzen Coatings which is the trade name and supplier of CARC to the govt.  By the way the formulation is almost exactly the same as Imron.  They are all Polyurethane paints.  If you hace trouble locating Zenthane, then just have a body shop supplier mix up some Black Imron or Awlgrip and add the flattening agent.  Thin with Zylene for spraying at normal temps.   Most of the surplus dealers have CARC in flat black. 

Aluminum Prep:

Here is a quick run down of what you will need to do on the aluminum:
1) mechanically clean corrosion by sanding, etc
2) treat surface with Alodine (this is a chemical conversion coating)
3) spray with vinyl wash primer (you can skip this step and go right to the next step)
4) prime with a high quality epoxy prime like Alumigrip (aircraft quality)
5) top coat with your color paint.

The above products can be purchased through Aviall who are an aircraft parts distribution company located just off Pearson International Airport. You should also be able to buy the products from any good automotive paint supplier. The supplier will have the spec sheets for each products that
will give you prep info along with mix ratios, dry time, etc.

Before you reassemble the parts you must ensure that there is no direct contact between the aluminum and steel. On the aircraft we use a sealant as a barrier between the parts. The sealant that we use is PRC Proseal and there is also one made by a company called Flamemaster. Again both these products are available through Aviall. PRC is made by Courtaulds and there should also be a distributor around Toronto other than Aviall.

AM General did offer a 383 CARC GREEN "look  alike color" they called Military Flat Green; Paint Code G5.  As far as I remember true C.A.R.C. (Chemical Agent Resistant Coating) was prohibited from  being sprayed for a variety of reasons in the Commercial HUMMER paint system  inside the then new Armour (Commercial HUMMER) Building.  Therefore...AMG  and their paint supplier at the time, Niles Chemical Paint (Company) had to  come up with 383 CARC Green, 383 CARC Brown, 383 CARC Black & 686  CARC Tan, "look alike colors" formulated in Arcylic Urathane which OSHA,  IOSHA & the EPA allowed to be used in the Commercial HUMMER paint  system. 
Back then, I did hear rumors of 1 Civilian HUMMER (H1) that did get the  "Real Deal" CARC applied "somewhere" in the AMG factory complex, but did not  catch up with it to confirm that before it got shipped.


I was contacted by an owner who was reading this article. I think we have found the CARC truck.


Hi Chuck;

I was reading your "Hummer Paint codes" page, and at the bottom you indicate that you thought that you knew of one civi hummer that was painted in Real 383 CARC back then. Well I can tell you that it must be my 1994 VLCO that was painted in 383 CARC paint.


When I went to the factory to pick up my NEW truck in October of 1994, I asked if I could have some "touch-up paint" and I was told that they could not give me any because the paint was way to hard to use, and that I would need special equipment and protection to use this paint.


I asked why it was so special and they said that it was this new CARC paint, and that mine would be the only one to be painted with (for civi use) it because they had to move the body tub over to the military paint line and then back to the commercial line for further assembly, the cost was to great.


So, I still have the truck, and after 13 years of being outside all the time, It still looks great, and the CARC paint resists scratches and it heals itself (the scratches seem to heal after a day or two), and nothing sticks to it, amazing stuff. Let me know your thoughts....


Yours; Paul Gilmore,Toronto.

1994 VLCO Woodland Scapp