2010 4Runner Trail Edition

Here's the 2010 Toyota 4Runner ebrochure (pdf)

No doubt the Hummer H1 is a super off road machine. I've had 3 of them over the last 15 years and been to Moab 7 times, Colorado too many times to count, the Black hills, TN and West Virginia. My problem is that I live N. of Chicago so I have to drive 1000 miles to get to these places. The Hummer actually rides nice but is pretty loud. On the highway you should keep it around 65 mph. It gets 13 mpg on the highway and the price of diesel is 3.33 where I live (4/2010). I used the Hummer as my daily driver.

I've kind of been there done that with the extreme wheeling and am concentrating on camping and photography. I wanted a more 'normal' vehicle that still has the ability to take me off road into the areas I like to go. The Hummer is very maintenance intensive. You have to keep on top of it all the time. I got tired of working on it and wanted some creature comforts. I also haven't had a new car for 12 years so that was fun too.

I looked at the available trucks (Hummer is out of business) and the only one that seems to be still serious about 'real' 4 wheeling was the 4runner. I got the trail edition because I wanted a rear locker and the KDSS. I had a detroit locker in the hummer and it worked great.

I picked up the 4runner in Michigan and drove it home to IL. I loved the creature comforts and the Quiet ride. The truck has a nice sound system and came with 3 months of Sirius radio.

So now I get to have some fun and start setting this truck up.

One thing that hasn't completely changed in 12 years is the existence of crappy dealers. You would think with all the problems Toyota is having that all the dealers would be on their best behavior.

Here's my saga.

It seems that lots of the information on the 4runners is found on a number of forums. Nobody has pulled a lot of the tech info together on a website similar to this one. As I get new accessories and find out more info, time permitting I'm going to add it to this site.