When, your wheels are traveling straight ahead; the Torsen Differential delivers the same torque (power) and RPM levels to each wheel.

Still on the straight away, when one wheel hits water, ice, mud, or gravel; the Torsen Differential maintains the same RPM level to each wheel and increases torque to the wheel with traction. No slip, no skid, smooth handling.

When one wheel hits a bump, dip, or pot-hole; the Torsen Differential Increases the RPM level to that wheel to allow for extra travel distance.  At the same time it senses and redistributes the torque, to allow for variations in traction.

Around a turn; the Torsen Differential adjusts the RPM  levels (inside wheel slowing down - outside wheel speeding up) to allow for the variation in travel distance of each wheel, while delivering torque to both wheels to help power you around the turn.

On a side slope; the Torsen Differential compensates for the traction loss on the uphill wheel, by adjusting the torque balance to provide maximum additional traction to the downhill wheel.

Around a turn, one wheel on dry pavement, one wheel in mud; the Torsen Differential will differentiate fully white increasing torque to the wheel with traction.

"It Works"

Put them all together, curves, ice, puddles, mud, snow, pot-holes, bumps, the worst of road conditions; Torsen will react instantly, simultaneously compensating for all of these conditions automatically With the Torsen Differential there are no "ifs," "ands" or "buts"; it works under all conditions, it works on any surface, it works full time; the Gleason Torsen, "It Works”.