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They say knowledge is everything. Hummers are unique vehicles that are not mass produced. They have many idiosyncrasies that make them stand out from the crowd. This puts them in the class of 'Exotics'.

The information provided on this site potentially can save you 1000's of dollars. I have done all the ground work to put you 'in the know' when you purchase a truck or sell a truck. I have an alternate part number list which can save you time and money. The same generic GM part might cost 1/10th the price of a Hummer part.

I have listed sources and tons of do-it-yourself articles. Even if you don't do your own work, going to the shop/ dealer with an idea of what could be wrong can save you a fortune. Many of the Hummer dealers are inexperienced when it comes to working on H1's.

Do you want your truck to last? Information on Flash Off-Road about maintenance will keep your truck on the road. Have you ever been stranded where they don't know anything about trouble shooting, repairing or servicing Hummers? This site is open 24/7. With dealers charging well over 100.00 an hour it's easy to save a fortune with the information that Flash Off-Road provides.

Using the many sources listed on this site can save you time looking all over the country for something. Flash Off-Road is a goldmine of really cool ideas for add-on's and accessories. We also tell you what to stay away from and what causes problems. We explain how accessories and modifications can effect your trucks longevity and performance.

There are many pages of information gleaned over the years from monitoring actual owner experience with; for instance, the many sizes and types of tires available. I also have special articles written by owners who are experienced with HMMWV's.

Looking for a neat place to go 4 wheeling? Do you want to see pictures of the popular places Hummer owners and other 4 wheelers go. Check out the Photography section.

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Why should I donate to Flash Off-Road How will my donation be used?

Flash Off-Road is a free resource dedicated to providing off road information, photographs, technical information, tips and how-to's to Hummer owners and enthusiasts. The money you contribute will go towards defraying the time and expense for keeping this resource on the web. Many of the larger articles can easily take a full week to produce. Other material that's been contributed takes hours to edit and turn into a web page.

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Click on the Paypal Donate button . Go to the Donation Page and follow the instructions. You can fill in any amount you want. If you're purchasing a product please contact Flash Off-Road for assistance and freight quotes. emailing Flash
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