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Other VDO Gauges Available for the Hummer

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Fuel - VDO 301 105

The ohm range is for the factory fuel gauges?
Ffactory single tank 1992 thru 1995 H1s you may want to use this:
FULL = resistance (low) 33.5 +/-8 ohms
EMPTY = resistance (high) 240 +/-20 ohms

Fuel gauges for 1996-2000 Hummer H1:
Empty = 268 ohms
Half = 124.4 ohms
Full =  19.3 ohms
One of my readers on 11/10/2022 found that the AutoMeter 6910 and 6310 are fully programmable and should work as a replacement.
The military 24 volt gauges are not compatible with the 12v system and will either not work at all, or provide false readings. 

If you do not wish to go through the hassle of programming the AutoMeter gauges, then you should consider replacing the sending unit or "float" in the tank.  This would require adjusting the float so that the empty and full readings are sort of accurate, but the only real way to adjust the floats are to get out pliers and bend the arm, or cut/extend it.  If replacing the float, I would recommend looking at marine sending units and gauges as they are likely going to be the best source for them.

Voltmeter - VDO 332 103

Coolant Temp - VDO 310 105 (this gauge must be used with VDO sender 323 421) I went this route to make sure I had a proper match between sender and gauge.

Coolant Temp (for GM sender) -VDO 310 108 (240 degree max) or 310 109 (280 degree max)

This is a hard one. Most of the earlier trucks up to 1998 for sure and maybe 2000 have a switch built into the factory oil pressure switch that shuts off the fuel pump if the oil pressure drops below a set point. You cannot use a standard sender on this setup.

Oil Pressure (GM Sender) - 350 105. I used this gauge for now, but will
change it for the VDO sender next time I have the dog house off. I don't
know the thread size on the factory sender so I can't provide the VDO part
number. The number for the gauge for use with the VDO sender is 350 104.

Myk's 96This is a picture of Myk Manon's 96.

This would pertain to NA diesels 92, 93, 94, 95, 96 and Hmmwv's. There is no tach drive signal on your engine. The choices are to add the tach sender from the humvee on the oil pump drive and use it as the signal with an electric tack from Datcon, Stewart Warner or Autometer. They all have them for this application. The Stewart Warner Heavy Duty Series Tach is an exact match to your speedometer. Or simpler is to use the tach output signal on the alternator with a tach from the above companies among others. The only drawback to this method is the an inaccuracy results from alternator belt slippage. In both cases you need to have it calibrated after install by various means, such as a strobe tach or other instrument.

The gauges on the 93 were Stewart Warner Heavy Duty Series units. These are a good quality industrial/commercial gauge and should not need upgrading unless you wish to change for cosmetic reasons. They are as accurate as you can buy. From 94 on these were not used by AMG.

Hmmwv Gauge Mfg.

If I remember correctly the military Humvee's gauges are made by Thomas Faria, Inc, in Norwich, CT. One of the oldest and most respected makers of gauges and I think inventor of either the Speedo or Tach.

Gauges for 2004 and Alpha Owners.

Courtesy of General Motors please now note that your gauges are in 3 modular PCB pods. Volt/Oil Press, Tach/Speedo and Temp/Fuel.

These modules are chock full of surface mount components and LEDS which ever so carefully must align into the plastic injection molded case so as to illuminate the proper idiot light (T-lock, etc...)

So, if you want to even think of replacing gauges and still keep all your important idiot lights in working condition and keep your dash looking stock... we must find raw gauges (without cases or ones which we can remove the movements from the cases), with faces that are exactly 1 3/4" in diameter, and with connection studs that line up with the stud holes in the PCB assembly. Not to mention electrical compatibility. Bottom line; you aren't going to be changing gauges on these trucks.