Military Front Blackout Light With Mile Marker Winch Socket

Winch Cable Article

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This is what you need. The blackout light and the 2 brackets used to mount on the Hummer / Hmmwv and a standard 4 prong trailer connector. I got the blackout light for 42.00 in an ebay auction. The brackets were 8.00 for both. The trailer connector is available at all auto supply stores. I've seen the blackout lights for sale for 65.00 at surplus places.

This is what it looks like under the cover.

Drill a 5/8" hole in the center of the front section

Drill the 2 mounting holes and file the 3 grooves in the hole and fit the receptacle.

I primed and painted all the parts.

I removed the 3 screws that held the lamp holder. The lamp will interfere with the rear of the receptacle so I cut the lamp off with a tin snips.

Pull the military electrical connector out of the triangular grommet. Place the grommet in the lamp and use the cut off piece with 3 screws to hold it in place.

The area behind the hood is not waterproof and is designed to get wet and drain. The blackout light is waterproof.

Take the bottom plate and use it as a template. Use a hole saw and cut a 7/8" hole in the hood. Then use a 1/4" drill for the 4 mounting holes. Put the light in place and locate the position for the rear hole. Use the 5/8" hole saw or drill.

NOTE:  You need to ground the bottom bolt for the light to work.

Put the bottom pieces together. Snug up the 9/16" nut. Plug the rear military connector into the light (if you have one) and feed it through the rear hole as you place the light assembly into the holes. Install the bottom plate under the hood and tighten the 4 nuts. I used 10-24 nyloc locking nuts.

Take a piece of round 3 conductor extension cord and install bullet connectors to mate with the 3 winch control wires which were already pulled to the compartment behind the light. You want to use disconnects because it will make it much easier if you ever need to remove the hood.


Pull the 3 conductor wire through the hole into the back of the blackout light. Insert it into the rear of the trailer connector and wire the 3 terminals up. Too make sure the light stays waterproof I used some electricians duct caulk to seal the wire coming into the rear of the light and as a gasket material for mounting the trailer connector.

This shows the blackout light with my Milemarker winch controller plug mounted on the face.