Military Front Lights Install

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The following are the sources for the lights.  Some of these may be outdated by now.  I know that Kascar has these lights or can get new ones.  The new ones are pricey.  The front marker lights are made out of metal and the newer style is plastic.  Both are very well built.  Your best bet is to get a pair, take them apart and paint them semi gloss black.


Grote makes new LED military lights for the Hummers. Here's the link to their catalog. They also make LED civilian rear lights. From what I've heard it's about impossible to order from the factory due to quantity requirements.

Grote Industries
2600 Lanier Drive Madison, IN 47250
(812) 265-8491 - Office (812) 265-8440 Fax (812) 599-0815 - Cell (military products)


Ebay seems to be the easiest place to find the lights these days.

(prices in 2007)
New marker lights are $115.00 each (metal)
Used plastic marker lights (50.00 each)
Blackout light is about 50.00 and the bracket is 18.00

As of December 20, 2003

The web site is:
The contact I used is:
Phone: (818) 772-0806
FAX: (818) 772-4799
front lights - 11614156 M series NSN 6220-00-880-1624 Green Plastic Composite light, Front (12V) - $38.00 each
rear lights - 11614157 M series Composite light, Rear (12V) - $38.95 each
rear buckets - $25.00 each
$10.00 UPS ground
They'll swap out the 24V bulbs in put in the 12V ones for you at "no charge" if you buy a set.


Front LightsYou might want to get the military blackout/ convoy light that goes in the recess on your hood.  These look neat but don't throw off enough light to merit wiring up.  If you get it make sure you get the mounting bracket.  Mounting this light will require you to drill a hole around ¾" in your hood.

The military lights have three wires coming out of them. One for the park lights (491), one for the turn signal (461) and one for the black out lights (20). They are labeled with metal bands hence the numbers in the (). There maybe more bands with more numbers on them. The factory lights have only two wires and a ground wire on them.

Hood You need to remove the covers on the inside of your fender wells to get access to your wires. You will see two small water proof connectors and a ground wire connected to the stud holding the factory light on. Disconnect the two connectors (they are made so you cant switch where they go. Un-bolt the two nuts holding the light on. Remove the factory light.

Rear Plate It's never a good idea to cut your wiring harness, so cut the wires with the connector off the factory lights and splice the wires on the new military lights. One wire is red and the other is brownish black color. Run your wires thru the hole and bolt your lights to the hood. Remember to connect the ground wire back to the bolt. You don't have a ground wire. On the military light the bolt is ground and grounds the bulbs inside the lights. Attach the red wire to the wire from the military lights labeled 461 and the brown wire to the wire labeled 491. Test your lights and make sure everything is working properly. Reinstall the cover plate.

Mil Turn Signal Lights Fitting the light