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Hidden JackI have been pondering for a long time to find a better way of mounting my four foot long Hi-Lift jack on my truck. I tried the roof rack for a while but it wasn't that easy to get at. I looked at using the brushguard, but that won't work because it either restricts airflow to the radiator, or obstructs the winch. I was inspired by my friend, Steve Yee's (Beastmaster) mount for his Hi-Lift jack. See his write up at www.azhog.com. What bothered me is that no matter what I did, the lift would stick out and be pretty much in the way of the doors or something, and I was afraid I or my kids would get it in the eye or something. I spent some time this past weekend playing with it in the hot Phoenix sun. I may have had a stroke.... of genius, that is! I think I found a cool solution!

My 4 foot long Hi-Lift Jack is mounted on the back of my truck and is easily accessible. Can you to find it?

Here's where it isYou are going to detach the Base, Jack Handle and the Lift mechanism from the beam and stow them away in pieces.

Jack Handle Hardware
Drill holesTap hole
Tighten the Bolts
Fit the U bolt
Base Plate Base Plate
Jack Mount
Jack and Plate mount
Showing Clearence
My HiLift Jack
This Hi-Lift jack is different than the one in the article. I bought it in 1975. The base and the mechanism is all cast and not stamped. Chuck.