Change a H2 Halfshaft

Troubleshooting Article

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  1. Jack and chock the vehicle
  2. Remove tire/wheel
  3. Remove axle center cap (if it's there)
  4. Take a large screwdriver and put it into the brake caliper slots to
  5. prevent rotation
  6. Remove the hub nut and washer. Dispose. (This was interesting to see -
  7. it's a single use nut)
  8. Press the drive shaft out of the hub. They recommend using a GM Hub
  9. Puller J45859 (which is an OTC Model # 6290)
  10. Disconnect the 6 bolts from the diff flange
  11. Remove the halfshaft from the rotor/hub
  12. Remove the stabilizer shaft link (Front only, I think)
  13. Remove the halfshaft through the lower control arm openings

To reinstall - reverse the disassembly. Make sure you have another Hub Nut and washer. Torque settings are:
Flange Bolts (on the diff side) - 58 lb/ft
Hub Nut - 155 lb/ft

You can order the Half Shaft, Nut and Tie Rod Ends from: (
Unless your Dealer is going to give you a deal, this is the best I have found.

Half-Shaft Kit, Part Number 26069242, Min.Qty: 1, Unit Price: $320.76

Nut (for end of Half-Shaft at Hub end), Part Number 11519903, Min.Qty: 1,
Unit Price: $2.99

Outer Rod Kit, Part Number 12471649, Min.Qty: 1, Unit Price: $43.69

Inner Rod Kit, Part Number 26059210, Min.Qty: 1, Unit Price: $45.00