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Service 4wd Light

Has anyone had this message on their LCD.. mine just came on tonight w/ only 515 miles H3."Service Four Wheel Drive (4WD) Light On, Diagnostic Trouble Code(s) (DTC) B0792, B2725, C0359.  Reprogram Transfer Case Control Module (TCCM)), #05-04-21-006."

Take it back to the dealer and have them do the TSB fix for it.

I get this loud, high pitched vibration coming from somewhere up front.

Any time I'm driving around 55mph this happens. It sounds like it maybe something plastic vibrating. If your vehicle has the roof trim lights installed, that is likely the cause of the problem. Wind noise in due to the gaps between the plastic trim mount. The problem is being remedied by the application of two-sided adhesive by the authorized service centers. If it an earlier mode, the problem may be exacerbated by a poorly designed template and factory installation procedures that in some instances led to seam gaps in the windshield, leakage and even cracks.