Why I Don't Use a K&N on my Turbo Diesel


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Dirty filterThe elevated silicon levels did not cause any failures, but it probably would have shortened the life of the motor if I didn't do anything about it. In addition to critically high silicon (dirt), there were critically high (10x normal) levels of aluminum and iron. These were engine parts wearing away. So the lab tech emailed me on the first analysis and asked if I had a K&N, and if not, to check for intake manifold leaks. I wish I had kept that email. Anyway, I did check the manifold, tightened the hoses etc....cleaned and re-oiled the K&N per instructions (I didn't want to give up so easy) and tried another 3k miles. Results were almost identical. Then panic set in and swapped the K&N for the paper, 3k miles later...yep, normal across the board and has been ever since. Dennis Briddell

I do not know which spec. or specs. those aftermarket filters are designed AND tested to meet, if any.  The air induction system, including filter element on H1 diesels was designed and tested to Military specs. I do not recall those Mil. Spec. numbers, but they are VERY much more stringent than even most commercial applications for ICE air filtration systems.  As I recall it took nearly 4 years of designing and testing; and retesting and re-retesting just to bring the current H1/HMMWV/HUMVEE air induction system up from a Military spec's certifiable rating of 380 CFM to 420 CFM.  Most people do not even have a clue what all is going on inside the diesel H1/HMMWV/HUMVEE air induction system and what other components and systems it can effect. 

For what it's worth, my advice regarding the air induction system on diesel H1/HMMWV/HUMVEE would be; don't mess with success! Don't try to reinvent the wheel! Just make sure you have the latest & greatest air filter element (AMG p/n 12342870) installed. Jim Bella AMG

Jim Bella AMG - 33+ years AM General employee-retired (Quality Assurance Manager; Special Projects Engineer; Manager; HUMMER H1 Customer Satisfaction Initiative; Auditor;:GM/AMG H2 Global Customer Auditor)  2 Years Start-up HUMMER Product Manager (Great Lakes HUMMER).But most importantly; 5 times personal HUMMER H1 Owner (2-1996 Gassers, 2-1995 Gassers, 1-1998 T-Diesel)