Doghouse & Engine Cover Removal

Doghouse Install Article

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Removing the doghouse and engine cover is a prerequisite when it comes to installing accessories, performing maintenance and doing repairs. Any time you're going to do a stereo system install, add electronics, work on the heat and air conditioning controls or do anything on the rear of the engine with the turbo, oil pressure switch, glow plug controller ... you have to gain access. I wrote this article when I was doing the install for our rear head cooling kit available at .

Shown is my 1998 wagon. Most trucks will be pretty much the same. Remove any Accessories and the 2 phillips screws on the bottom of the doghouse.

Remove all the upper trim screws near the windshield. Remove the trim piece at the bottom of the windshield center post. Also remove the kick panel in front of the passenger that covers the HVAC unit. Put the parking brake on. With the key in pull the shifter back to 1.

Carefully pull the doghouse away from the dash. Lift it over the shifter and stop! Carefully disconnect all the windshield defroster wires.

Disconnect the screw near the drivers side dash holding on the flexible heater duct hose. You may need to remove the CD player. The vacuum lines from the heater controls were stuck in the CD player support clamp.

Undo the 4 phillips screws and pull the HVAC radio unit out of the doghouse. Disconnect all the vacuum hoses and radio wires. Take the 4 screws out of the power window bezel and pull the switches up and out so you can pull the plugs off. Unplug the cigarette lighter wires and other accessory connections. Carefully pull the doghouse back and toward the passenger side all the time watching for wires that may not have been disconnected.

Under the Doghouse

This is the computer and the remote receiver. Undo the 4 screws on the computer and lay it toward the rear. The remote receiver and the DRA (digital ratio adapter) are velcroed on. Just pull these off and set them aside.

Cut all the wire ties that fasten harnesses to the engine cover.

Undo the 2 bottom latches, the 2 rubber fasteners and turn the 2 ring stud connectors 1/2 turn.

With the shifter levers pulled back carefully move the wires out of the way and start pulling the bottom left corner up and toward the rear.

Carefully pull the engine cover toward the passenger making sure that no wires get damaged in the process.

This is the rear of the engine showing the turbo heat shield.

This step is not part of the doghouse / engine cover removal process but needs to be done on many services.

Remove the turbo heat shield bolts. There are 4 - 10mm and 2 - 15mm heads. Note the location of spacer washers on the upper left 15mm bolt for re-installation.

Best way to Install the Doghouse and Cover