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I made the clampnut socket from a NAPA 2467 Dana 44 Spindle nut socket (cost around 30.00). I ground off one of the square lugs and ground down the area between them. I did the mod's with the clampnut exposed so I could tailor the socket to the nut exactly.

Hub Output sealThe large diameter seal is the output seal 5579060. The small seal is the spindle seal 6005193 used to seal the air line for CTIS equipped trucks. There is a third seal, the input seal which is size wise in between the spindle and output seals. The photo is showing the back of both the seals. Below shows the front of the output seal that faces the tire and a tube of sealer.

ToolsI use 2 torque wrenches. The small one is a 1/4" drive for the clamp nut lock screw which is tightened to 90 lb-in. Shown is the 1/4" to 3/8" adapter so I can use the 3/8" drive 5/32 hex socket. The 3/8" torque wrench is for tightening the clamp nut itself. The snap ring pliers is used to remove the spindle seal.