Hood Rattles - Replace the Rubber Hood Side Latch Strap

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If your hood is rattling around make sure it's aligned and adjusted so it closes straight. This is done by adjusting the hinges down by the front of the truck. The hood should come down centered. Older trucks have an adjustment on the hood bracket that meshes with the center block. This adjustable bracket was replaced with a fixed one because the adjustable brackets would break; probably due to getting banged around all the time.

Make sure you lubricate the hinges. Your rubber hood Side Latch Strap may be streatched and in need of replacement. They are supposed to keep a constant 150 lbs of pressure. My truck is about 5 years old. The strap on the top is the original part which is clearly longer then the new one.The part is unique to the H1 and military HMMWV/HUMVEE.  Part number is 12338889, The straps cost around $20.00 each.

hood blockYou should also check the adjustment of the bracket and block on the center of the hood where it closes and meets the truck by the windshield. My hood was making all kinds of noise When I started checking around I found that one of the 1/4" bolts that hold the block in place broken off.

Smear grease on the bracket and block.

Lower HingeThe strap is held on to the lower bracket with a roll pin. I was able to punch out the pin on the drivers side using a 1/4" bolt. On the passenger's side I had to remove the bracket because there wasn't a clear shot at the roll pin because the body was in the way.

Note: I always clean off and smear grease on the hood latch pad shown above the bracket.

Make sure that all the surfaces that make contact are not worn. You may have to replace the pads that are next to the hold down if they are worn.

With all the parts in good shape and the hood adjusted it should not rattle.


Upper latchThe upper part of the latch comes apart by removing the cotter pin.