Daytime Running Lights (DRL)

Importing a Truck into Canada

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For you truck to be legal in Canada you need to install daytime running lights. Those are the weak headlights that you see on all the time. Probably the least you will need is daytime running lights installed on your truck. 

When researching this I had these questions:

You have 2 options. You can try to get all the AMG factory parts or get a Hamsar DRL kit and wire it in.

I went to the Hamsar website and couldn't find the model 70987. I did find a model 45020, 45030, 45035 or a 45040. Surprisingly when I clicked on the photo of the 4 above units I got a picture that shows it as 70987.

Hamsar makes many DRL modules with different features.

If you want more insight into how to install advanced features read through these installs.

Nice Honda install page

RX7 Install page


Installing the AMG D.R.L. Parts:

This is what AM General added to a 1998 HUMMER H1 to meet the Canadian requirements for Daytime Running Lights (DRL):

AMG Part - 6010839 - Jumper DRL Battery Power
AMG Part - 6002626 - Harness Asm-Daytime Run
AMG Part - 6010837 - Jumper Asm. GCC/DRL Ign
AMG Part - 6010841 - Jumper Asm. DRL Brk Fl
AMG Part - 5745365 - Module,Daytime Running

Install Note for the AMG DRL Parts:
Wire Color Description:

Yellow wire - connect to a battery terminal on the fuse box, use a 10amp fuse
White wire - connect to an ignition terminal on the fuse box, use a 10amp fuse
Black wire - connect to a ground screw

The orange and tan wires connect to wires close to the dimmer switch. Use T taps. The orange connects to an orange wire and the tan connects to a tan wire.

The blue wire connects to a brown wire at the brake warning lamp on the dash. This shuts off the lights when the service brake is engaged. You will need to pull the dash apart for this. It is not needed for the Canadian Inspection.

The brake diode connects inline with the fluid level cable at the brake master cylinder.


Installing the Hamsar Kit in the Hummer


I used a Hamsar 45040 DRL module (Kit # 70987)

The installation is a tad different from what is listed in the instructions.
The module has six wires:

Here's how I installed the DRL module,

  1. First cut off the Yellow and Orange wires. The Orange is the high-beam sensor and isn't used, the yellow is for the parking lights. You could wire it, but it isn't necessary. (Use the Red+Yellow wire in the parking light harness)
  2. Find a good place to install the module, I crammed mine in behind the battery.
  3. Run the white lead around the outside of the battery and to the driver's side head lamp.
  4. Connect the white wire to the red wire of the headlamp harness. Do not confuse with the red+green wire. You can use the included splice clips, or do it properly and solder.
  5. Run the green wire directly to one of the driver's side sparkplugs, and wrap it around one of the sparkplug wires. You should do at least 4-5 winds, I went overboard and used the remaining length of the wire. Make sure to secure it with zip ties. This will only work with a 95 or 96 gas truck. Diesel's don't have spark plugs.
  6. Run the black wire to a ground on the chassis. I used one of the screws from the washer reservoir, making sure it had a good connection.
  7. Finally connect the red wire to the battery's positive post.

Don't be surprised if the headlamps come on while the car is off for the first time. Start the car, make sure the lamps are on. Turn the car off and make sure the lights turn off. Repeat.