Hummer Fuse Chart for Trucks up to 2003

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I haden't updated this article for 3 years until Steve Yee came up with this great idea. Thanks Steve.

Step 1 - Go to FedEx and pick up some airbill envelope pouches.  You can find them at any FedEx drop box.  The airbill envelope is a clear plastic pouch, with a sticky back.  One end is open with another sticky back flap. The other is sealed shut.

Step 2 - Cut the airbill envelope pouch in half - bisecting the long sides.

Step 3 - Dispose of the half that now has two open sides.  Keep the one that is basically sealed on 3 sides, with one open side.

Step 4 - Take your fuse block door, remove it from the kick panel, and turn it with the foam facing you and the latch pointing upwards or away from you.

Step 5 - Peel the sticky back.  Apply the pouch half in such a way that the opening is facing or pointing towards the latch.  Do the edges first, then do the center, so that the pouch will "bow" a bit.

Step 6 - Print out a full sized copy of the Fuse Block chart, fold it (laminate it if you wish), and place it in the pouch.  Add spare fuses, flashers, whatever you'd like to store here.

Step 7 - Reinstall the fuse block door.


Download hi-res versions of the chart. This chart is from 1998 but covers most of the non-ABS TT4 trucks.

Print it out 6-3/4" x 8" This will give you 300 dpi resolution. Paste it on the door covering the fuse panel.

Download PDF

Download GIF

Update: Fuse 6H marked unused is used for the cigarette lighter.

Download a pdf file with the 2003 Fuse Chart