Hummer Parts Cross Reference

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Major Sections

Brake Parts

ABS Modulator

Land Rover Discovery Series II's use an identical modulator. You will see two different mounting holes on the pump motor side, one is for Hummer and one is for Land Rover.

They cost used around $100 the on the internet.

The shuttle valves can be purchased separately from Land Rover. It’s referred to as the shuttle valve repair kit and can be ordered for any Disco from 99'-04'. The shuttle valve repair kit is under $100 from Land Rover (2008).

ABS Relays

Standard "micro 280 series" relay. Count the number of pins, if 4 pins, a Tyco VJ28 Form A relay, if 5 pins a Tyco VJ28 Form C relay. A Form C often (but not always) can be used to replace a Form A relay, the opposite is not true however.

ABS Sensor for 1999 and up trucks

ABS Sensors: Wabco 4410324900
ABS Sensor Bracket: Tremec Transmission Products 6012521

Brake Caliper Tool (2 - 3/8" socket)

Note the brake caliper tool is now available for around 89.00 from MAC tools

The original tool from Kent Moore 800-328-6657
Caliper Compression Tool. PN J-42553 sells for 350.00.

9/16" T-Handle Ratchet by Snap-on costs about 32.00 for the top caliper bolts.

Brake Calipers

Napa #SE4732 for the right front (87 Eagle Wagon) $25.00 Each
Napa # SE4733 for the left front (87 Eagle Wagon) $25.00 Each

O-Reilly's:  Left:  A1 18-4181  Right:  A1 18-4182

Because the rears have the parking brake built in you have to get factory calipers.
Caliper rebuild kits with piston seals etc the Kelsey Hayes # XX703342307

2003 Prices

  • AMG 05579865 Front Caliper Rebuild Kit (2-calipers, no bleeder) $16.82
  • AMG 05744403 Rear Caliper Rebuild Kit (1-caliper no bleeder) $15.62
  • AMG 05578802 Caliper Bleeder Valve $0.65
  • AMG 05597172 Caliper Bleeder Valve Cap $0.48
  • AMG 05744405 Rear Caliper Rebuild Kit $37.80
  • Cardone 184181/184182. Unloaded Front calipers, reman. Metal Piston.
  • Cardone 154181/154182 Front Caliper with Severe Duty pad, reman. Metal Piston
  • Cardone 164181/164182 Front Caliper with standard duty pad, reman. Metal Piston
  • Raybestos FRC4147/FRC4148 or RC4147/RC4148 Front Caliper with pad. Reman.
  • Bendix 55266/55267 Front Caliper Reman.


(reman) without master cylinder is $334 USD from AutoZone. They take web orders. They don't carry it in stores. The Hydrobooster has a limited lifetime warranty. MFG is ARI, Part # is 16-76142.

Master Cylinder Cover and Gasket

Dorman #42046 for a 1983 - 2004 Ford-Lincoln-Mercury

Master Cylinder Gasket Dorman 42098

Brake Pads

I've been told as of 6/06 that Hawk no longer sells these pads to the public. At this point I'd recommend getting pads from AMG. As of 2/2007 the factory pads are still the Hawk.

Hawk Super Duty Brake Pads (AMG #5745162C) List 80.00 for 4
I have also used NAPA semi-metallic rivited brake pads #AE-7122-AM but these are not as good.

AutoZone PFC Carbon/Metallic brake pads - Part # 0203-20 $22.00 (2007)
Raybestos Raymold - Part # RRD203H $18.00 (2007)

Brake Rotors

AMG p/n 12338387 (Rotor, Brake - 10,300 & 10,800 lb. GVWR HUMMER H1)
AMG p/n 6002218 (Rotor, Brake - 12,000 lb. GVWR HUMMER H1)
Aimco rotors at Autozone. 186251 5701 - 60.00 each
NAPA rotor 86591
GM#18037672 $55.74

Brake Switch

AC Delco D1541D - GM 10170430
Brake Switch

CTI Parts

CTI Pump

Grainger 5Z678 is discontinued as of 10/2005. It looks like Grainger doesn't carry Thomas products anymore. Combined Fluid Products, a Thomas distributer has them for 614.00 (10/2005).
Thomas Industries TA-4101-DC
The bottom line is that the Hummer pump is proprietry to AMG, BUT it is simply a stroked version of the commercially available pump. The 12V/24V commercially available model ran at 90psi and a smaller cfm rate than the AMG unit. However, the kit to convert the Commercially Available pump to an AMG unit was available, so I had that fitted (at a small charge). This lowered the max PSI to around the 60psi mark and increased the output cfm by nearly double. The kit involved a spacer for the head (about 1" thick) longer head bolts and a longer conrod for the pump piston. Everything was carryover. These pumps are easy to rebuild.

The OEM Thomas pump is a TA-3051-DCX mfg code 980278 but they won't sell it to you.

Another option is to get a Thomas TA-4101-DC which is a 12 Volt, 26 amp, 1/3hp 1800 rpm pump. It is a little longer than the stock pump but is reported to work fine. The pump was purchased at:

1952 Concourse Drive
San Jose, CA 95131
(408)435-0400 x12, 435-0410 fax

CTI Pump Rubber Vibration Isolator Mount

Vibration isolatorWW Grainger part number 3CC02 replacements.

CTI Solenoid Valve and Repair

Parker - Skinner Valve repair kit #7KK04 (valve and spring).

Parker - Skinner 12 VDC 10 Watt Coil #D100C1 (Works for both valves)

Parker 7321KBN3SN00 deflate valve

Later trucks with the manifolds use 7121 flange mounted valves with 12v coils. The inflate valve is labeled 7121Z005 the deflate valve is labeled 7321Z001. These are Parker 7000 series valves.

CTI Parts  for 1996

  • Relay is from a 1989 Buick Regatta, Filko RL 246
  • 40 amp fuse and holder was replaced with a 40 amp circuit breaker
  • Deflate solenoid was purchased from AMG for $265.00 but if you can wait 6 to 8 weeks, they come from Switzerland Call Kundinger Controls in Auburn Hills, MI 248-391-6100.  The solenoid is made by Lucifer SA part number: 491514C1 at $32.50.  The connector is made by Canfield Connector, Youngstown, OH, part number: MPC Type-1, P5103-3610000, 6-48 VDC, 249500096. This is: $6.50.


Geared Hub Drain Plugs

are 2.48 each AMG part number 5593656

Geared Hub Bearings

  • Outer Bearing Cone Timken 3780
  • Outer Race Cup Timken 3720
  • Inner Bearing Cone Timken 3490
  • Inner Race Cup Timken 3420
  • Upper Bearing Cone LM104949
  • Upper Race Cup LM104911
  • Input top seal 29940-2106 or 5590745
  • Spindle outer seal 29940-2094, or CR535094-60

Halfshaft Internal Replacement Parts:

All parts for the half shafts are available through Rockford. The outer cv joint boot, Rockford DuraBoot 8l5-21L,. Inner boot Rockford DuraBoot 440-20, Cage 178-0, Race 178-018, Balls 714-61.

If you cross ref these parts on the Rockford site they are for a 1993-1998 Mercury Villager, ford Explorer and possibly a Nissan Quest. What this means is that you can buy a CV joint for one of these cars and use the parts to repair your halfshaft.

Another owner reports that the CV Joint boot kit for the inner and outer boot is a Rockford 178-21C

I have used the Rockford boots. They are an exact replacement and in my experience are more durable than the originals. Most any drive shaft and cv repair facility should be able to get these parts for you. They are standard stock items.

The local price for these in kit form, which consists of boot, two clamps, and grease is less than $l0.00. The local shop will replace the boots for $25.00 parts and labor. If the cage, race and balls also need to be replaced, they charge $50.00 for each cv joint.

The above information is for 94 and later.

Half Shaft Bolts

These hold the halfshaft to the brake rotor 6 required for each shaft. Metric M10-1.5 x 35 with a 15mm hex head - You need to use the proper grade bolts. The factory spec is "Grade 8" (SAE J429 Spec) OR "Class 10.9" (ISO R898 Spec). You're better off ordering the bolts from AMG. These bolts use special Nord lockwashers.

6 - Inclined Cam (Nord-Lock) Lockwashers

(AMG p/n 6008029) per halfshaft. Each washer comes as a pair.

Zinc-Plated Steel Wedge Lock Washer

3/8"/M10 Screw Size,
.41" ID, .65" OD, .10" Thick
In stock at $10.07 per Pack
This item is only sold in Packs of 25 Pairs
Here's where you can get Nordlocks. McMaster-Carr Maryland Metrics
Baltimore, MD 800-638-1830

McMaster-Carr Supply Company

MSC Industrial Supply

The factory installed retaining bolt (holds the halfshaft in the hub) and lockwasher are military part numbers (MS90728-62 & MS35338-65) for those purist among us, but a good quality SAE Grade 8 Bolt (3/8-16 X 1 1/4) CAD plated and a Medium Half-split Lockwasher (3/8" I.D.) will do

Half Shaft Boots ?

Early 94 Ford Taurus 3.8 Moog CV8419 and 90 Buick LeSabre Moog CV5463

CV Boot kit Autozone / $9 for boot, clamps and grease. part # K2206 (as of 2/2008)

All parts for the half shafts are available through Rockford. The outer cv joint boot, Rockford DuraBoot 8l5-21L,. Inner boot Rockford DuraBoot 440-20, Cage 178-0, Race 178-018, Balls 714-61.

Another owner reports that the CV Joint boot kit for the inner and outer boot is a Rockford 178-21C

I have used the Rockford boots. They are an exact replacement and in my experience are more durable than the originals. Most any drive shaft and cv repair facility should be able to get these parts for you. They are standard stock items.

The local price for these in kit form, which consists of boot, two clamps, and grease is less than $l0.00. The local shop will replace the boots for $25.00 parts and labor. If the cage, race and balls also need to be replaced, they charge $50.00 for each cv joint.

Eaton Locker Kit

AMG Part number: 5745798 price $4594.92 This includes a complete diff.

Transfer Cases

1992-1993: AMG p/n 6000362
1994 & earlier built 1995 N/A diesels: AMG p/n 6003058
1995 - 2000: AMG p/n 6009731
2001-2002: AMG p/n 6011651

Some differences in the above originally installed HUMMER H1 T-Cases over those years include; front half case, planetary gear set (higher capacity), input gear, rear gear sleeves, mainshalf, rear housing, w & w/o tone wheel, differential carrier assembly, rear housing extension, and of course the fix for the infamous "Vampire" cooler (loop) core.

I contacted Newventure Gear to find authorized Hummer transfer case replacements this is the reply list
All Transmission - 1-800-237-8601
Transfer Case Express - 1-800-683-7623
WW Williams - 1-800-545-7116
Melton Ind/PARTZ. - 1-609-914-0123

Be sure to tell them you require the Commercial application not the Military.

Transfer case rebuild parts:

U-Joint (all)

Spicer 5-213X or Precision 354
Differential Yoke - 2-4-7031-1X; Believe it or not, but the dealer has the best deal on these. If you mean the front trans yoke of the driveshaft, give me the dims and I will look it up. Center Bearing / Carrier Bearing (Front Driveshaft) - NAPA HB88530
Stripped my Rear Differential hex head fill plug and tried a GM plug with a square socket as a replacement. Seem to be an exact fit (1/2" x 14). And the square end is harder to strip. GM Part # 25522466
There is a newer (& hopefully greatly improved) front prop shaft asm. for a 2000-04 H1 (AMG p/n 12447114). It comes with 2 new universal joints already installed and completely balanced "as an assembly" all for around $260.

Electrical Parts

Door Lock Actuators

doorlockOmega DS-2SQ #330-582 (11.00) generic units for small Japanese sports car use

Dome light switch / Rear Barn Door Light Switch

dome switchFord part number is E8DZ-13713-A. It will adjust in length when installed and the door is closed the first time. The brass tube will push into the body of the switch the first time the door is closed thus adjusting to the correct length.

The Motorcraft box has these numbers on it:

1979-93 Dome lamp switch


Remove your alternator and take it to the store to match up.

96 and up 124 amp Alternator - AC DELCO # 321-1429 or GM # 10464081around 146.00 (11/05) This might be Napa #134650G

The 85 AMP was "standard" and the 124 "optional" for 1992 & 1993 H1s. Of the 928 total '92 & '93 H1s built, possibly less than 30% left the factory with a 85 AMP alternator. For the 1994 model AMG made the 124 AMP "standard" as more and more electrical equipment could be ordered on the vehicles. If it is the original factory installed Alternator, the AMP rating numbers are stamped in the alt. housing. You just need to look very closely.

The Advance Auto Parts part number for the 1992 HUMMER H1 alternator is P7935-11. The 105 AMP is P786611 and the 124 AMP is P814513.

Also in 1994, AMG released an 85 to 124 AMP conversion kit (AMG p/n 5743333) for those '92 & '93 originally ordered with 85 AMP, but later requiring additional electrical power (i.e., Aux. Heat & A-C unit, Off-road lighting, trailer towing, etc.).

Alternator for a '93 uses an 105 amp alternator available from NAPA Part # 13-4558D. 134.00. On this model the swivel bolt is directly across from the tensioning bolt.

For a 93. AC Delco alternator part number 321-397. The case mounting locations were the same. They "clocked" (rotated) the case to match my original and installed a new pulley both at no charge. This is a 105 AMP alternator as an added bonus. The alternator List price is $206.33, actual price was $159.89 in 11/05.

'94 - 95 Hummer The unit is remanufactured and branded Rayloc, currently listed at $154.00, core $59.50. NAPA #134638E (crosses to Beck/Arnley #1866329)

These guys have a lot of good alternator info:

Alternator Pulley - (AMG and GM discontinued their parts)

1) WAI Wetherill has the pulleys. It's part # is 24-1255-3. It's a 6
Groove Pulley, replaces Delco 1985964, and is used on 1979 to 2000 AMC,
Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Dodge, Eagle, Ford, GMC, Isuzu, Jeep, Lincoln,
Mercury, Olds, and Pontiacs.

2) Cross reference part numbers from WAI Wetherill are as follows:
Delco: 1979422, 1985964, 10496811, 10497175
Ford: D9AF-10A352-AA, D9AZ-10344-A, E2AF-10A352-CA, E6DF-10A352-HA,
E6DZ-10344-C, E6DZ-10344-E, E7LZ-10344-A, GP-599, GP-625, GP-634, GP-637

Dimensions can be found from this jpg: . Specs are 21mm Belt
x 56mm OD x 17mm Bore.

And - an equivalent AMSCO/Valley Forge part is a DA-245. You'll love the
price too. $2.25 each.

And if they don't sell to you, you can pick up one here for a mere 15
dollars. It's D1-CS130-015.


The hummer takes two group 78 batteries. The Optima is not an exact fit and needs modification to prevent the top posts from shorting out - at least in the bracket used with the later trucks. Not sure about clearance for the early trucks. You want 1000 cranking amps / 800 cold-cranking amps.

There are two Interstate batteries that work - both with 85 month pro-rated warranties:

MTP-78 - side terminals only
MTP-78-DT - both side and top terminals.

Coolant level sensor located in the overflow tank

Any Stanadyne dealer or repair center usually has the sensor

Cruise Control Switch

Advance Auto Parts S17009

Electrical Short Finder

Sheffield Research FF300 FaultFinder FF300M9909EN around 150.00
This has a signal generator which we applied across the fuse terminals and a detector which you run along the wires determining if you have an open or short circuit. Just do a search to find sellers.

Electronic Rearview Mirror

An aftermarket replacement for the mirror in a 2002 H1 is the Donnelly Auto-Dimming EC Compass-Temperature Mirror-dlc 19701. The new mirror plugs directly into the old plug on the Hummer harness. There are six wires in the harness; Power, ground and two for the temp sensor. Everything worked fine. This mirror may also work in other Hummer models with the electronic mirror with temp and compass. They also make a model with a map light. The mirror is 230.00 (2011) at AutoDax pn 39-188. A search for the mirror turned up places that had it for 180.00 at Brand New Auto.

You can get your mirror repaired for around 100.00 by Sybesma's Electronics in Holland MI. (10/2014)

Fusable Links and Misc Electrical Harness Accessories

These guys have everything and it's all OEM quality.You can get premade harnesses from them. Check em out. Pricy, but worth it.

Ignition Switch

Napa part # KS6625 lock & tumblers w/ keys 30.47 - For a Ford Escort. It looks identical except it's chrome instead of black anodized where the key inserts. Remove the bottom steering column cover with 5 phillips screws, insert the key and turn to the acc position. Push the pin in the bottom of the ignition housing to release the switch and it pulls right out.
AMG P/N for the electrical ignition switch is 5743343 - $108.00
The AMG part (P/N 6012701) for the key and tumbler is $92.00
Autozone ignition switch purchased for a 1998 P/N LS514 $10.00 (2009)

License plate light is a Peterson Manufacturing Co., P/N 4036

M439 as the stock light on the license plate. I just went out and looked at it. While this light was off a 97 they will all work on any truck. You may have to wire in a pigtail with the little 2 connector plug.

Another direct replacement light is an Optronics license plate light LP97 Series. According to the Grote and Truck-Lite Catalogs, the Grote 60280 and the Truck-Lite 15011 are equivalent in terms of function and mounting, and use a type 15 series clear light.

ACCC stands for Aurora Cord and Cable Company, out of Aurora, Illnois. They sell specifically to defense contractors wanting external lighting for their vehicles. AM General is one of their customers.
They will sell to private individuals, providing the minimum order is $250. Their turnaround time is 8-12 weeks at the current time (I spoke to their sales department.)

The side marker lights cost 87.00 each from a dealer. Evidently Saturn Surplus has 24v lights (Feb. 2009) for 18.50 ea.

DC12400 - 12v Aluminum Front Military Marker Light
MS35423-3 - 12v Side Marker Light, amber
MS35423-4 - 12v Side Marker Light, red
M3976/1-03 - 12v Side Marker Light, red LED
M3976/1-04 - 12v Side Marker Light, amber LED
12346184-D - 12v Military Tail Lamp assembly
11614157-L1 - 12v Military Tail Lamp assembly, Aluminum

You can purchase this from Randesales

Truck-lite parts

Buy at:
U13 97940 Preventive, corrosion, NYK-77, 8oz $3.22
U13 949023 Plug, clearance/marker, 2 wire $.79
U13 949243 Plug, clearance/marker,2wire,rt angle $.99
U13 15200R3 Lamp, sealed, red, model 15 $1.26
U13 15200Y3 Lamp, sealed, amber, model 15 $1.26
U13 150113 Kit, lamp, license plate,clear, mdl 15 $3.18

Another source is AW Direct but their prices are double Ryders

Remote transmitter

Rostra RT1 Model APSBT 1 button transmitter (910) 276-4853

Rocker Switches

These are not AMG parts but are really nice switches for doing custom work.

4x4 mods

Side Mirrors

Earlier side non powered mirrors are from a Jeep.

Evidently Ramco will not sell to the public anymore (4/2006)

Contact Ramco Engineering Co. in Elkhart, IN, (800) 321-4819.
They sell side mirrors, mounting brackets, and arms for Hummers. I bought a mount and arm in 9/00 for $79.45, mount = $36.50, arm = $42.95. They must be the supplier for AMG because when I called, they asked what side I needed it for and whether I needed both the mount and arm or just one. You probably just need the arm, if you broke out the socket like I did. These are not Jeep parts, they are new OEM Hummer side mirror components.

A pair of OEM Hummer power mirrors...$403.02 plus shipping
One power mirror is half the price of the set
One convex mirror (glass only) ...$17
A pair of split mirror heads only w/ power top and fixed convex bottom...$375.40 (similar to thier 7000 series)
Power mirror switch...$33.50 (the same one I paid over $100 for at the dealer)

Speed Sensor (output in transfercase)

  • They all cost around 75 to $90.00 as of 2013
  • AMG part #: 6018698- as of 2013
  • GM # 15547452 - as of 2013
  • Raybestos # LS12165 - as of 2013
  • NAPA # VSS224 - as of 2013

Starter - Diesel

StarterI think it was built in Illinois. They said it was US made. I purchased it from Kinne Electric in Manchester NH. The number is 603-622-0441. This place does starter and alternator rebuilds. I originally brought my starter to them for an estimate on repair, but the armature itself was more than purchasing this starter new.They described this unit as an agricultural/marine starter. To my untrained eye, it appears to be just as sealed as the hummer unit. It was way easier to put in than the old unit was to remove. They also told me parts for this unit are cheaper and easier to aquire. They did mention that Leece Neville, the manufacturer of the Hummer unit makes a great starter. Bad alternators, but good starters.
Ac Delco - 323-447
Leece NeVille - MMO-6715UT (old # MMO-6701UT)
Prestolite - 46-3767

I had my starter rebuilt when I got water in it and it was totally rusted. Phone Havana Electric in Denver at 303.341.0505 and talk to Ken. It cost $85.

A Diesel Starter for a 2001 Chevy 1 ton van (or G-Van) with a 6.5L Turbo Diesel will work in the Hummer. This is a standard part that is much lighter and cheaper but not water sealed at all. This is the Delco Remy 28MT medium Duty Starter which weighs 18 lbs. This is a gear reduction starter so it is able to generate the needed torque. This is the installation manual.Delco 28mt Starter

You may have to remove the shim when using this part. We installed it on a 2000 and it took no shims at all. Be careful not to bend the housing (see red arrow) when you install this part or it will contact the flywheel and make a ton of noise while the truck is running. There's only a positive terminal on these starters so you have to connect the ground to an existing bolt on the engine.

From Autozone:

There are 2 different models of this same starter. The one that's for "off road use" is a little more closed around the bendix.
#094321 DL8042S Remanufactured Duralast: $259.99 #094321 Core Charge: $80.00 (2008)
The DL8401S is the standard one and has been used with great success: $159.00 with a $50.00 core charge (2010)

Turn Signal Switch (with horn)

  • Standard Ignition # DS301 for a 98 H1
  • AMG part #: not known - cost $381.00 as of 2010
  • Ford part # F33Z13341B - cost $85.00 as of 2010
  • Autozone part # UDS432 - cost $35.00 as of 2010
  • Maybe the same as a 1989 Ford Ranger or Escort

Under Hood Reel work light on the drivers side of the truck

AMG Part # 5743071 (Kit)
AMG Part # 5939056 (Reel Lamp Assy)
The GM Part # 12341801 (This is the Reel Lamp Assy with no power cabling from the Battery)

Windshield defrost switch / controller.

defrosterdefroster It's a Ford F37B-19A328-AA

Window Lift Motor.

defroster In Sept of 2013 these guys rebuilt the side power window assembly for 85.00 plus 17.00 shipping.
South Florida Window Lift,
445 NW 1st Ave,
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33301 -
(800) 552-4413 -

Window switch

Made by Part number is 4910-10-142. This is for a three switch kit. It includes three backlit window switches, harness, terminals, plates, screws, etc. Great price too, $10.50 per kit. These switches plug right into our truck's window harness. They are the same size and pop right into the cutouts. The only issue I had was on my window harness I had to revserse two teminal end wires in the harness.

Engine Parts

Belts & Tensioner

Serpentine Belt 6.5 turbo
GM Part# 12555011
Goodyear 6PK 2575
Gates KO 61015

Goodyear also has a new style belt. It's called a Goodyear Gatorback ("the quiet belt"). The packaging sleeve lists: AM General - 6.5L diesel, Chevy - 6.5L diesel and GMC - 6.5L diesel, Mercedes-Benz - 6.0L There are two (2) numbers printed on the front of the sleeve:
4061015 and 6PK2580

One of my readers with a 97.5 has the newer style fan clutch and plastic fan which had too much slack on the tensioner with the standard belt. He now uses a Gates Green Stripe K061005 belt.

6.2 n/a HMMWV

Fan belts (2) Napa # 3VX500
60-100 amp Generator belts (2) Napa # 3VX630

AMG number for the whole tensioner assembly is 6022070 and is about 48.00. (this seems too low)
Serp Belt tensioner whole Assembly NAPA part number 38118 for a 98
GM part# pulley 1255-7345

The Bearing is usually what goes bad. According to one of my readers you can get a generic bearing.
Spec. Premium Electric Motor Deep Groove Radial Ball Bearings Inside Diameter: 17.0000 mm Outside Diameter: 40.0000 mm Width: 12.0000 mm. Generic bearing number is 6203 and it needs double shielding.

Tensioner pulley - bearing only is gates #38006
Serp Belt tensioner pulley bearing NAPA # NTN 6203LH. 18.00 ea (2010)
Generic bearing from McMaster-Carr Part number 5972K44 for 5.34 ea (2010).
Generic bearing from MSC industrial Supply part number 35434380 for 5.80 ea (2010)

Tensioner tensioner

CDR Valve

AMG part number is 5714132 and it costs around $84
GM#25097699 Crankcase depression regulator valve $44.98 at
ACDelco# CV910


Fuel System Driver = Pump Mounted Driver.

Stanadyne PMD Harness Kit is 35976, GM number is 12562836
#5 calibration resistor is AMG #12561890.

Fuel Lift Pump

AirTex is one of the largest OEM manufacturers of these type of pumps This is the same pump that would go in a C1500 model chevy truck with the 6.2 Diesel engine. I would go with the GM part as it is just plug & play because it has the correct electrical connector. These pumps put out 4 to 8 psi. You don't want a higher pressure. These pumps run around 85 to 107 (2010)
GM #25115224 ACDelco EP-158
Borg-Warner 19 EP-7288
Federal-Mogul (Carter) P74001 (Dec. 2003)
NAPAAFP E8413 (correct for the 98 Hummer)
Standard EFP-281
Car Quest. E8012S

Fuel bowl Nut.

This holds the fuel filter in the housing

AMG #5742599 around 10.00

Stanadyne #28694 101005

Fuel sensor located in the fuel bowl.

GM is #12375515 around 100.00

Fuel Filter Bowl Heater

AMG 5742603 GM 12511964

Fuel Filter Bowl - Bottom Gasket (O-ring)

AMG 5742600 GM 12511962

Fuel Tank Selector Valve

Ford 6c3z-9189a

Glow Plug Controller

The glow plug controller for pre-2000 trucks is a tall single plug. Many GM dealers do not show it as a "glow plug controller", but as a switch or relay.

GM 12496472, AC Delco # 212-366, Delphi HDC 907
AMG # 5745119, NAPA ECH GPC 106 (6/06 $50.00)
Borg Warner GPC5
Note that 94 and newer trucks use a controller with 3 pins. The older trucks use a controller with 4 pins. It's been reported that some 94 and 95 N/A diesels use the older controller. If you need an older controller find one that was used on a 93 Chevy pickup.

The controller for 2000 - 2004 is a flat 3 plug unit is:
AMG 5745246, GM 97226648, Delphi HDC 910 (6/06 $148.77)

Harmonic Balancer / Vibration Damper

The crankshaft pulley has much larger rubber insert and a bearing in the center because the rubber has much more movement. The harmonic balancer only has about 3/8 inch of rubber between the inner and outer parts.

The GM part number is 10154688, retail is 120.63, wholesale is 90.47 AMG part # 5743228
The four bolts that hold the pulley on the balancer are M10 x 1.5 x 65mm with a 10.9 hardness value. GM part number 11516109
The AMG part # for the pulley is: 6003069
GM part # for that pulley is 12557345 cost around 300.00 AMG # 6003069

Oil Cooler

Adams Thermal Systems Canton SD #19111
Note: They won't sell direct. They say that AMG owns the tooling.

Oil Pan Drain Plugs

Metric 12mm X 1.75 thread pitch, 28mm long

TPS - Throttle Position Sensor for 6.5 NA Diesel

5743243 AM General $162.00 Hummer Dealer
10137417 GM $220.00 Dealer
GRB21911 AC Delco $189.00 NAPA Bumper to Bumper
TPS146 Wells $103.99 not available
EC3003 BWD $115.17 Advance Auto Parts

accelerator pedal accelerator pedal

Accelerator Pedal Position Sensor (ACC) for a 6.5 Turbo Diesel

  • Dorman part number 699-207 an exact replacement for 63.00 from Extreme Diesel Power or other on-line vendors (11/2017)
  • Below Prices are all from 2010
  • AM General pedal assembly 6007221 $730.00
  • GM equivelent 15751307
  • AC Delco equivalent 213-2820 for anywhere from $285 to $500.
  • The sensor is made by CTS Automotive Products (Series 503, P/N 2710)

See article


Indiana Heat Transfer #DA-875700-D (574) 936-3171
Cost 670.00 (2008)

Temperature Sender

ACDelco 213-77 GM 25037332 around 25.00


Temp SenderNAPA part number is 385-190 (usually come with gaskets) Repair

Thermostat Gasket Fel-Pro 35001 (you probably don't need a gasket)
For TD - These are all the numbers off the Delco thermostat box GR .1.246 75G01 131-103
This GM part number is on the actual thermostat 12559336 - $31.39 each (12/04)
Try for a 97 Chevy G body Van with a 6.5 turbo.


The turbo is a Borg Warner 1H1 model from the factory only.

Water pump High flow for 6.5TD:

NAPA # DPW 130-7200 My "94" was a late model (most often the 95 parts are correct)

Water Pump

This pump fits a 6.5 n/a civilian and millitary HMMWV. Ref 94 Suburban AC Delco 251-589 (Needs Heater 5/8" Nipple 12339396) $120.00
GM part number for 1995 6.5 N/a is 88894044. The AMG part number is 5743241
Pump for a 6.2 n/a is 12534418

Water Pump Backing Plate - AMG 5743232 $96.00

1998 Stud-type water pump pulley amg# 6006809 37.72, gm #12556143.
8 blade fan 6009790 222.81, stud mounted fan clutch for this fan 6009791 153.78

Try these: 96-98 Fan clutch GMC G30 6.5 TD

1999 and up
big-nut fan clutch 6009991, big nut water pump amg#5745093, ac delco# 251-603.


The 6.2 and the 6.5 waterpump do share the same basic casting. However, the pump rotors inside the pump are reversed between the two. This due to reversed direction of rotation from V belt to serpentine belt. DO NOT fit a 6.5 pump on a 6.2 or vice versa. If you do, it will not pump water!!!

Filters Belts and Hoses


Oil filters
AC PF 1218
carquest 85060

Heres what I have so far for a 6.5 na air filter:
Purolater A45454
K&N E1700
Fram CA8331

These are the Baldwin numbers that I use, you can check other applications
on their website
B1428 oil
BF1201 fuel
PA4145 Air

1995 - 96 Air Filter for Gas powered trucks

Kascar has them for 70.00 ea 5744159 A-5025

Baldwin PA1710 $27.00 each

Fuel filters

Hoses and clamps

New Style (pictured above) Wix 33976
New Style Hastings FF943
AM General 0574260
ACDelco TP1256
Baldwin BF1201
Fleetguard FS1295
FRAM 17 PS7358
GM 10154635
Mighty F54719
NAPA 22 3376
Purolator F54719
Stanadyne 29894
WIX 22 33376

Transmission / Transfer Case

Hummer Reusable Transmission Pan Gasket Part Number 8677743 (Same part number for AC Delco and GM. AM General ships this item from AC Delco in an AC Delco bag). This is probably for the trucks with the 4l80E transmissions.

Transmission Filters:

Hummers use 3 different filters depending on the year of the truck. In 1992 and 1993 Hummers and HMMWV's have a 3 speed TH400 automatic transmission.
AC TF231
AMG 05740020
Fram FT-1020

In 1994 AMG began using the 4L80e 4 speed automatic. In 1994 thru 1996 the oil pans are shallow and don't have any drain plugs.
AMG 05743311
Fram FT-1134
NAPA 1-7590
Purolator 1202

The filter that AMG sells for 1997 and up is a standard AC Delco TF329 for a 4L80e trans. In 1997 they went to a deeper transmission oil pan so make sure that the filter you have has the big 'dimples' which rest on the bottom.


Hoses and clamps

NAPA Parts

Here's what I've gotten off of their site for 98td:

NAPA Belts and Hoses Hose - Heater
Usually ships in 24 hours. NBH9807 $ 8.99
Valve to Engine, Cut to Length

NAPA Belts and Hoses Hose - Radiator Upper
Usually ships in 24 hours. NBH9181 $ 31.99
Cut to Length

NAPA Belts and Hoses Hose - Heater
Usually ships in 24 hours. NBHH111 $ 5.99
Engine to Auxiliary Heater, Cut to Length, 80"

NAPA Belts and Hoses Hose - Heater
Usually ships in 24 hours. NBHH111 $ 5.99
Auxiliary Heater to Engine, Cut to Length, 80"

NAPA Belts and Hoses Hose - Heater
Usually ships in 24 hours. NBH10877 $ 17.99
Valve to Heater, Cut to Length

NAPA Belts and Hoses Hose - Heater
Usually ships in 24 hours. NBH9811 $ 11.69
Engine to Valve

NAPA Belts and Hoses Hose - Heater
Usually ships in 24 hours. NBH9811 $ 11.69
Heater to Valve

NAPA Belts and Hoses Hose - By-Pass
Usually ships in 24 hours. NBH8471 $ 16.49
Tank to Pipe

NAPA Belts and Hoses Hose - By-Pass
Usually ships in 24 hours. NBH8852 $ 3.29

NAPA Belts and Hoses Hose - Radiator Lower
Usually ships in 24 hours. NBH9282 $ 14.69
Engine to Pipe

NAPA Belts and Hoses Hose - Heater
Usually ships in 24 hours. NBHH109 $ 4.99
Radiator to Reservoir, @Cut to Length, 25"@

NAPA Belts and Hoses Hose - Radiator Lower
Usually ships in 24 hours. NBH7458 $ 12.49
Pipe to Radiator, @Cut to Length

HVAC Parts

Air Conditioning Compressor

(8/22/2004) The O.E.M # is 1136002 On my 98td the info off the compressor is Delphi 6581 , SAE J639, Part 1136581

1. Checkers 300+ for a rebuilt and $490 for new one
2. Autozone 205 plus Tax was very hard to find they couldn't find the OEM in their system so we looked in the book. There are 30+ Harrison HR-6HE in their book but part no 24490 is the 100% right one.
You can put the OEM# in their system and it comes out to the same number as autozone 24490.

I discovered that my compressor pulley was making noise, it has a bad bearing. The pulley dia on my 98 is 4.25" and the serpintine belt has 6 grooves.Note: You need special tools to remove and replace these parts.

Note: The NA diesel has a different compressor from the Turbo models. The turbo models have the hoses coming from the top of the compressor, the NA they come from the back.

AMG p/n 6000396 = All 1992 & 1993 6.2L N/A Diesels
AMG p/n 6002941 = All 1994 thru 1996 6.5L N/A Diesels
AMG p/n 6004286 = All 1995 & 1996 5.7L Gasoline
AMG p/n 6006778 = All 1996 & 1997 6.5L Turbo-Diesels
AMG p/n 6009795 = All 1998 thru at least 2002 6.5L Diesels

Another hint: Find a GM dealer and ask for a #1136521 compressor. Or, find a parts house and order one for a 96-99 G30 6.5TD GMC/Chev

As of 2011 (below):

For the ACDelco A/C compressor P/N 1136521, the clutch, pulley/bearing parts are:
Clutch: P/N is 15-40048 Cost: $62.10 (
Pulley: P/N is 15-20038 Cost: $111.85 but doesn’t include the bearing (from
Pulley/bearing assembly: P/N is 15-4615 Cost $117.77 (
Filter Drier with site glass Murray Climate Control 80-8053 33276. Oreilly has it for 29.00 (2016)

Blower Motor

AC Delco 52466052 Type# 15-8532 $70.00 (high quality replacement)
NAPA # 655-1744 $35.00
For trucks with Vin# VE 176476 AND LOWER - Motor blower # 05743482 Wheel # 05744221 .
For trucks with Vin# VE 176477 AND HIGHER - Motor blower # 05744766 Wheel # 05745117
Might be the same as a 87 Chevy S-10 Blazer 6 cyl blower

Heater Control Valve (vacuum controlled) for new style HVAC

Used on a 1997 Ford Explorer V6
AC Delco part number equivalent is 15-5829 about 16.00
The Ford Motorcraft part number is F87Z-18495-AA VALVE - 27.00
Stamped onto the actual part is the same number except the letter "Z" is repalced with a letter "H".
Auto Zone On the box: Ready-Aire by Transpro 4-Seasons ... 74809 5954 Heater Valve-Ford

Heater Control Actuator for old style HVAC

heater actuatorElectric Valve for 94 thru 97 HVAC systems
AC Delco 15-71937

Heater Control Valve (manual controlled) for 6.2 NA HMMWV's

Heater control valve is a simple on off valve Carquest part # CTC 277814 is an exact match except it's plastic

Heater Core for HVAC in Trucks 1997.5 and newer

Spectra aftermarket Heater Core Part number 399025 Cost 25.00 (2016) From Autozone

Tools for A/C Work:

f you ever need to get a starter kit to do A/C work, please visit The company (Arizona based) sells starter DIY A/C kits complete with leak tester, gauge set, a pretty decent service book that covers a wide variety of A/C setups, a side mount can tap (useless in my opinion), and a very good vacuum pump for all of $264.

A/C Vent Louvers

MTG Parts a supplier of Limousine Parts and Accessories sells the louvers for 11.25 (2010).

Misc Parts

Many misc electrical parts Euramtec

As of December 2012, this place sells parts for rv's. They have H1 power window switches, lock switches, courtesy lights, AC vents, lock actuators etc.

Many misc parts Cardone

As of December 2012, brake parts, driveshafts, cruise control module, ignition, turbos, window lift motors, wiper motors and steering gears. Some of these parts can be purchased from

Dash Pad Grommets

These parts were first used sometime around 1999/ 2000 to give a nice finished look for the cracking plastic screw holes on the dash crash pad (the long pad that runs on the top of the dash next to the windshield). If you want a nice inexpensive way to cleanup the look of your pre 2000 truck pickup 7 of these Black only "Grommets" AMG p/n 6010765B costs about $11. ea. and the 1" long gray trim screws, p/n 6002686B cost about 99 cents ea

Floor Drain Plugs

The 3/4" Baitwell plug P/N 50032352 from Seasense fits the floor drain plugs of my '96. These are brass and rubber. They have a lever that expands the rubber body to make it lock tightly in the hole.Marine/ Boat places sell these plugs.

Glove Box

Attwood Marine has a couple of Glove boxes that fit the Hummer. One is #2716-1 and another is 2638-1
Installation sheet

Detmar Glove Boxes Molded of high impact plastic with a textured lid for a rich, padded appearance. The lid is hinged with stainless steel pins and contains a marine push-button lock with two keys.

Door dimensions:13-7/8" L x 5-5/16" H
Box dimensions: 11-7/8 L x 4-3/8" H x 6-3/4" D
Installation hole size: 12-1/8" L x 4-5/8" H

Door Arm Rests

They come off Jeep Cherokees in the year range around 88 to 94. Go to a junk yard. You might get 4 of them for 10 bucks.

Headlight Rubber Mounting Vibration Isolator

Headlight isolatorReplace the rubber mounts which hold the light assembly to the hood with stronger ones. I used Grainger vibration isolator 5XK74 at $2.00 each. This requires re-drilling holes in the hood and light assembly. The bolt is stronger but most importantly, the metal plates that mount to the rubber are embedded within the rubber and not just glued on the rubber surface.

Headlight Buckets

The Head light buckets that rust out are standard military parts, and they are used on all sorts of military trucks. Any surplus military truck store should have them.

Body Rivets

They are made by a company called "CHERRY" and some are available
through the Hummer dealer.
Most of the Body rivets are;
3/16 x 1/8"
3/16 x 3/16"
3/16 x 1/4"
3/16 x 1/2"
However, the only rivets that are available through Hummer are;
3/16 x 1/2"
3/16 x 5/8"
and some countersink rivets.
You can use the 3/16 x 1/2" in place of most of the shorter rivets.

Soft Top Covers

AMG p/n 6001647, TAN Soft Top Cover will "FIT" all Open Top HUMMER H1's from 1992 THROUGH 1997 model years. That includes those Open Tops w/ half doors AND w/ full steel doors.
I did find this company:
but their current H1 soft tops are for 92-96 & don't fit future model years. I talked to the manager there & he said that if there are any soft top H1's on Long Beach, CA they would like to use your truck to make a pattern for 97, 98, 99, 00, 01, 02, 03, or 04 model years & if someone were to "volunteer" their truck for the pattern & "test fits" they would give you a new top in exchange for working with them. Then they could use the pattern to make soft tops to sell to everyone else.

Wheel Nuts - 12 Bolt 2 Piece

The AMG part number for the H1 (6 sided) 1/2-20 wheel nut is EC12339501. They are NOT off-the-shelf nuts, but many off-the-shelf nuts do look similar. They are special lock nuts.

Velcro strips for Open Tops

The Velcro is over $200 from hummer (2012). There is a product called velstick which is the same material that the factory uses. I had to trim a small amount off for it to slide into the slots. Four sticks were only $36 (2012) and it worked perfect.

Steering and Suspension Parts

Ball Joints

Upper ball joint - 6007755-AMG list $51.62 (2006)Napa 260-1461 Upper wholesale 38.14 Retail 52.49
I have these numbers but I'm not sure if they are good. AC Delco 88911459. Dana Spicer 1461

Lower ball joint - 6006645-AMG list $64.72 (2006) (Napa book says 95-97 but you can use these on earlier trucks if you drill out the A-arm) Napa 260-1462 Lower wholesale 36.78 Retail 61.99 They come with the grease fitting and a castle nut.
I have these numbers but I'm not sure if they are good. AC Delco 8891111712. Dana Spicer 1462

I recommend getting idler, pitman and ball joints from AMG. Note: The correct Grade 8, Castle Nuts designed to attach the newer Upper and Lower Balljoints do NOT come with AMG Balljoints, but must be purchased separately...AMG p/n MS35692-54...around 70 cents ea.

Idler Arm

idler armThe latest AMG part numbers and list prices as of 11/07 are:
idler 5745558 160.39
pitman 6011300 71.22
upper ball joint 6007755 57.36
lower ball joint 6006645 71.91
Tie rod end LH thread 6028035 71.63
Tie rod end RH thread 6028036 71.63
New centerlink 6023077 285.33

Updated Idler arm Napa 268-3706 (note, I do not know if this is the updated one!)

Pitman Arm

Pitman arm

Updated Pitman arm Napa 268-1665 (note, I do not know if this is the updated one!)

Power Steering Pump (NAPA NSP20860) $42.99 + $11.11 core

The pump cartridge used in the Hummer is the metric version of the pump used in GM trucks. It has "metric" cast into the pump body, right by the pulley shaft. They are available remanufactured with a lifetime warranty from Parts America, number 7519606. The rebuilder is "Original Equipment Re-Manufacturer's".(NAPA NSP20860 $42.99 + $11.11 core) I'm sure there are other rebuilders also. The price is $50 exchange and a $10 core charge. If they need a cross reference, use a 2000 GMC Savana Van with the 6.5L diesel engine.

The GM part numbers are:
PS Pulley - GM#12573728
PS Pump - GM#26070099

HMMWV Power Steering Belt NAPA 7495

Factory 95 Remote Reservoir part numbers:

6002107 - Reservoir - $33 6002106 - Cap, PS Reservoir - $6 6003042 - Pump, PS - $99

Power Steering Box

The steering gear in the Hummer is unique. The sector shaft is only used in the Hummer. There is no other vehicle that it is crossed over to.A box from a Chevy or GMC pick-up won't work because the mounting bolt locations are not the same as a Hummer H1's.

Steering Shaft (column)

intermediate shaft, steering. P/N 12339210-2, about $275. Replace just the cross for less than $15 The Spicer # for the joint is 5-92x AM general number 5744602, volvo number 3098582, meritor # CPL6R50

Vacuum Parts

Boost Sensor

AMG 5744458 ACDelco 213-1520

Turbo Wastegate Actuator vacuum controlled

P/N 12456424 (GM). List - $398. Applies to 96-04 trucks

Vacuum Pump

Napa # 64-1018 is an exact match. 64-1025 was Purchased for a 98' TD and worked also. 64-1025 has an additional plate on the front lower section that looks like a protective shield.

To get a part number to show up on NAPAs site, you have to leave out the dashes. It comes up as $147.49 plus $34.50 core. This pump is the same as a 99 G 30 6.5 turbo diesel

Vacuum Pump Pulley

AMG 6006805 55.27
GM 15589757 15.99

Vacuum Pump - Electric for 94 6.2 NA

Earlier trucks that do not have a vacuum pump need an electric vacuum pump to operate the upgraded A/C system. This pump is a Dorman Part # 904-214 which cost 53.00 (2011) This part has a different connector so you will have to transplant the one off the old pump.

Wastegate Vacuum Solenoid / Vacuum Relay

ACDelco # 214-637 GM# 1997255 AMG 5745247 Cost 45.00 in 2008

Windshield Wiper Parts

Windshield Wipers, arms and squirters:

New arms and squirters were introduced around 2000. I've found them to be vastly improved over the 2 previous design arms/blades AMG has put on the HUMMER (H1) in every respect except cost!

The new wiper arms are very expensive. In my opinion just take your existing arms and bend them to match the picture below. This will cause them to press against the windshield and do a better job.
Since we are talking about that general area, owners of older HUMMERs may be interested to know there are "adjustable" design windshield washer nozzles (to replace the "fixed position" black block nozzles and inline washer fluid check valves available for upgrading.

AMG p/n 6012641 Arm, wiper (2 required)
AMG p/n 6012642 Blade, wiper (2 required*)
AMG p/n 6006600 Nozzle, washer (2 required)
AMG p/n 6010771 Valve, check-washer fluid (2 required)
OEM wiper blades are: ANCO 91-12 (2 required) AMG p/n 6012642
Slant-backs, rear wiper blade is ANCO 91-15

Washer Pump

Washer Pump

Windshield washer pump for a 97.5 is a NAPA 665-3902 is an exact replacement. The exact replacement for a 2000 is an Advance Autoparts / ACI #173690 for 14.19 (2014)

Winshield washer pump for 99 and up fits 01 and up Mustangs. Motorcraft WG300 - Ford Part #F6SZ17664 Note: The socket on this pump probably won't fit the plug on your hummer wriing harness so you'll have to adapt it.

H1 Windshield Washer Reservoir Cap 1999 and up = GM #22677855

95 and 96 Gas Truck Parts

Gas Truck Article

Gas Engine Exhaust Manifolds

Exh ManifoldsThe right hand side (passenger side) exhaust manifold for a '95-'96 gas H1 does have a GM part number. It is GM Part # 10166144 RH and this number is cast right into the manifold. The application "Exhaust Manifold '91-'96 G-Van P-Chassis K-Motor TBI" will come up with this part. It lists for $259.65. AMG Part # 6004345

For the Left Hand Side (Driver Side):
AMG Part # 5744226, GM Part # 10045315, 14093651, NAPA Part # 600-2354. All have an output flange bore (collector inside diameter): machined to 2.375. This bore fits the metal sleeve of AMG Part # 6004331 (FelPro Part # 60718) exhaust gasket.

For the Right Hand Side (Passenger Side):
AMG Part # 6004345, GM Part # 10166144RH, 14093654. This number is cast right into the manifold. The application "Exhaust Manifold '91-'96 G-Van P-Chassis K-Motor TBI" will come up with this part. It lists for $259.65. NAPA Part # 600-2453. All have an output flange bore (collector inside diameter): cast to 2.125. No gasket is required on this collector because the taper is machined at the end (see photo).

Note: AMG Part # 6004311 (95-96 Gas Cross-Over Y-Pipe)
connects both these manifolds to the rest of the exhaust system and the rear (exit end) of this gas Y-Pipe mounts in the same position as the diesel Y-Pipe, so that a diesel Off-Road Test Pipe will bolt right up with no modification.

The two metric threaded holes in the left hand side (driver side) manifold have threads: 22mmx1.5mm/thread and 6mmx1.0mm/thread. The 22mm hole in front of cylinder # 1 exhaust port can be plugged with a very common, 20mm long, metric oil drain plug. The small 6mm hole holding the sheet metal heat sheild is 10mm long and this bolt is fairly common stock at a hardware store.

Fuel Pump and Relay

Fuel Pumps:
AC Delco EP377 or GM 25163472 pump with a AC Delco TS1 strainer. These are high volume and higher pressure fuel pumps.

AC Delco EP 1000 is a newer quieter pump that eliminates the chattering clicking noise of the stock pump.

F/P relays:
GP-Sorensen" p/n MR44...available at Advance Auto and many others

Fuel Pressure Regulator from a 2500 series Chevy truck with throttle body.

Fuel Switching Valve

Fuel switching valve for all civ models is a ford# 6C3Z9189A

Fuel Vapor (charcoal) Canister

(used on '95 & '96 H1 Gassers)
AMG p/n 6002938 / ACDelco # 215-55 / GM # 17087115

Gas Truck Starter:

NAPA . part #246-5024 $56
The GM# for a 1995 CK1,2,3 starter with a 5.0H, 5.7K, and 7.4N is a #10465167. This is a small gear reduction starter that sells for $179.52 plus 45.00 core.

Temperature Sender:

It is a standard GM 5.7 L/ 350 cubic inch engine part.

Tune-up Parts 95 - 96 Gas Hummer:

With factory installed 350 cu. in. (5.7L)
Set, Spark Plug Wiring* (Qty: 1 set)
AMG p/n: 5744866
ACDelco # 718E
GM # 12096433
*NOTE: AMG no longer sells wiring sets with retainers and convoluted chafe
guard tubing so will need to transfer them over from original factory set or
buy new ones for the above.
Rotor, Distributor (Qty: 1 pc.)
AMG p/n: 5744005
ACDelco # D 447
GM # 10496798
Cap, Distributor (Qty: 1 pc.)
AMG p/n: 5744002
ACDelco # D303A
GM # 10477841