Hummers & HMMWV's Compared

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Here is a list of differences between the HMMWV's (High-Mobility Multi-Wheeled Vehicle) and Hummers The body styles are very similar, however the soft-top is different for the military then civilian and the military hard doors are different then the civilian full hard doors and the civilian half soft / hard doors. (Military Vehicle Variants Listed at the end)

This list is generalized and is not meant to be a comparison from year to year of the Hummers and / or Humvees. Both have changed in options and architecture since their first conception (1985 for the Humvee and 1992 for the Hummer).

Here are a few differences regarding crash test comparisons of H1s and '80's era HMMWVs:

ALL H1's have;

A hood restraint system (helps prevents the hood from intruding into your space and completely ruining your day)

A collapsible steering column (helps your ribs continue to protect your heart, lungs, and other important stuff)

A windshield glass retention system (helps keep your head on your shoulders)

A 3 Pt. restraint (seat belt) system (helps keep your head, etc. from spoiling the appearance of your vehicle's interior surfaces)

A T-Case restraint system (helps keep you from getting too HOT by reducing the likelihood of the T-Case and rear prop splitting open the fuel tank)

This is why AM General (the contracted manufacturer) and our Government (the specifier and original owner of ex-mil. HMMWVs) is none to happy to see 80's vintage HMMWVs in private hands and in use On-highway and Off-road?

The largest difference between the two is the electrical system

HMMWV's Have:

Hummers Have:

Variants of the Humvees

Truck, Utility: Cargo/Troop Carrier

M998 (2 or 4 door soft top)
M998A1 (2 or 4 door soft top)
M1037 (S250 shelter carrier)
M1042 (S250 shelter carrier w/ winch)
M1038 (soft top w/ winch)
M1038A1 (soft top w/ winch)
M1097 (heavy variant)
M1097A1 (heavy variant)
M1097A2 (heavy variant)
M1123 (heavy variant)

Truck, Utility: TOW Carrier

M996 (hard top)
M996A1 (hard top)
M1121 (hard top, heavy variant)
M1045 (supplemental armor)
M1045A1 (supplemental armor)
M1045A2 (supplemental armor)
M1046 (supplemental armor w/ winch)
M1046A1 (supplemental armor w/ winch)

Truck, Utility: Armament Carrier

M1025 (hard top)
M1025A1 (hard top)
M1025A2 (hard top)
M1026 (hard top w/ winch)
M1026A1 (hard top w/ winch)
M1043 (supplemental armor)
M1043A1 (supplemental armor)
M1043A2 (supplemental armor)
M1044 (supplemental armor w/ winch)
M1044A1 (supplemental armor w/ winch)

Truck, Ambulance

M996 (armored, 2 litter)
M996A1 (armored, 2 litter)
M997 (armored, 4 litter)
M997A1 (armored, 4 litter)
M997A2 (armored, 4 litter)
M1035 (soft top, 2 litter)
M1035A1 (soft top, 2 litter)
M1035A2 (soft top, 2 litter)

Hummer Variants

2-door extended cab
4-door soft-top hard doors
4-door soft-top soft-door
4-door slantback
4-door hardtop

P.S. Slantbacks were used in the military so they wouldn't burn holes in the wagon roofs with their missile launchers.